Generally once a month, Kundalini Yoga Workshops are organised.

If you wish to attend one of the upcoming workshops, please contact the Teacher as indicated in the Contacts page.

The next scheduled date is:

Sunday 08th December from 10am to 1pm, at Mamerhaff, 14 Rue Henri Kirpach, 8237 Mamer



“Yoga is not just physical movement, like going to the gym and exercising.
Rather, it is yet another way to know God — the infinite power we truly are.
Yoga is meditation. Just like meditation, performing yoga with awareness will help us go deeper and deeper into our own Inner Self.
If physical exercises are like swimming on the surface of the ocean, proper yoga practices are like diving deep into the ocean.
The experience has a totally different dimension to it.
The difference is like a caged bird versus a bird flying in the sky, enjoying the vast expanse.”