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Michael Kieffer, co-author of the book ” Body Language, Music and Psychotherapy”, says about Barbara’s classes: ” All my life I loved moving. In my young years I have been a professional classical dancer, switched later to psychotherapy and art-therapy, but on my way never stopped exploring body language and met some yoga teachers. Under the label “Yoga” I was offered various experiences. Some I appreciated a lot, in other classes I felt the teacher was doing his best but was not aware of basic rules concerning breathing, movement and speach rythm, as well as the importance of adapting the taught program to the students, rather than expecting students to adapt to a settled program. This being said I am happy to congratulate Barbara on having chosen to teach Kundalini Yoga. By doing so, there is no doubt she follows her inner voice, this voice which speaks out the truth of our heart. For all her students, and I wish them to be numerous, Barbara is going to offer a highly valuable yoga experience, The Yoga Teacher Barbara is the right person in the right place.”

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  1. Kundalini yoga is a way to discover or understand how mind and body are connected, and how to reach peace and balance through breathing and postures, in order to fully inhabit ourselves.
    I think that no one comes to a yoga mat by chance, as one could do to a gym class. Yoga is about knowing who we truly are, not just thoughts, not just a body, but part of something more.
    Through meditation, mantras chanting, breathing and kriyas, Kundalini yoga allows to develop awareness, strength and quietness.
    Barbara shares with joy and simplicity her dedication to Kundalini yoga, and her classes bring happiness and energy to her students, in a joyful atmosphere. She is a very good teacher, involved and caring, with a really contagious smile and open mind.


  2. Namaste, Thanks for that powerfull “spring cleaning” of yesterday. I felt
    very light and calm the whole day yesterday. This morning the calm continues…I will do my hatha series to try maintain
    this nice feeling as long as possible. Let me know when you organize again a saturday yoga, I will join if

  3. Kundalini yoga has changed my life. I felt inspired since the very first lesson. Barbara is an experienced and talented yoga teacher and I highly recommend her Kundalini classes. I am always amazed by the positive energy she radiates and by the dedication she shows to each class participant. I started feeling the benefits and positive changes in my body and in my mind immediately: my strenght and flexibility have increased, the quality of my sleep has improved significantly and, most importantly, I feel now more positive and relaxed. Last, but not least, thanks to Barbara’s classes, which are driven by joy and positive energy, I’ve met brilliant and inspiring people.


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